Okinawan Food Truck Serving Tampa Bay

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I hear Wednesday is the best day for soba! You can get yours today, 11:00-2:00, University of South Florida...
Wed, July 29th 06:47am
Short week for us... But here is where you will find us: Wed -- Lunch, 11:00-2:00, University of South Florida...
Mon, July 27th 09:09pm
Thanks LAMEcon for a sell-out crowd!!!
Mon, July 27th 07:57am
LAMEcon friends of oki doki!
Mon, July 27th 07:56am
#LAMECon2015. Here til sell out!
Sun, July 26th 02:16pm
Teppanyaki Pork!! Set up at LAMECon 2015!
Sun, July 26th 11:10am
LAMECon 2015 is on!!!
Sun, July 26th 11:09am
See you there!
Sun, July 26th 09:56am
Photos from 2014 LAMECon..... Join us today for LAMECon 2015 -- its FREE!! Land O' Lakes Library, 3032 Collier...
Sun, July 26th 06:58am
Come and join the fun at @LAMECon ( 3032 Collier Pkwy, Land O' Lakes. Its free!! Manga, Anime, Gaming, Comics,...
Sun, July 26th 06:51am
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