Okinawan Food Truck Serving Tampa Bay

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Hope to see you! Its going to be a fun festival with great food!!!
Thu, February 26th 03:01pm
Anybody planning a trip to Okinawa? Even if you are not planning a real trip, you can take a virtual tour by...
Thu, February 26th 07:20am
Come find us at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts this weekend!
Wed, February 25th 05:02pm
Check it out.... This is one awesome song and some great video images too!
Tue, February 24th 06:32pm
Headed to Floriland Business Park, 9309 North Florida Avenue, Tampa today for lunch. Note the new service hours...
Tue, February 24th 07:20am
Soba schedule: Tuesday -- lunch, 12:00-3:00, Floriland Business Park, 9309 North Florida Avenue, Tampa...
Mon, February 23rd 12:30pm
@croe321 No, we will be at the Gasparilla Art Festival at Curtis Hixon.
Fri, February 20th 11:53pm
Good beer and good food and Friday night -- what could be better? Tonight we are set up at Cigar City Brewing,...
Fri, February 20th 09:24am
We're taking off to okinawa via hot air balloon..we won't run out of fuel cuz i've got the hot air and manu's got...
Thu, February 19th 07:23pm
Thu, February 19th 04:43pm
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