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RT @Living_Daringly: @RennysOkiDoki Thank you for your delicious food and attitude! :)
Sun, August 31st 12:41pm
Have you tried the TruckSpotting app? You can download it to your smart phone for free and keep up with your...
Sun, August 31st 10:46am
Thank you to the folks at the Pass-A-Grille VW Beach BASH for having us be part of their event, and thank you to...
Sat, August 30th 07:16pm
Thank you, Christy!
Sat, August 30th 12:33pm
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Sat, August 30th 07:44am
@Living_Daringly thank you!!!
Sat, August 30th 01:30am
RT @Living_Daringly: Renny's Oki Doki-a yakisoba haiku. @RennysOkiDoki
Sat, August 30th 01:29am
Tonight we will be at Southern Brewing & Winemaking, 5:00-10:00 pm. Its soba night! We will have Ma-san Soba...
Fri, August 29th 09:12am
Unfortunately, Renny is very much under the weather today, so there will be no Oki Doki at Corporate Center Three...
Thu, August 28th 07:38am
Thank you to Laser Spine Institute for a great lunch service yesterday, and Suncoast Credit Union for a great...
Wed, August 27th 04:57pm
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