About Us

My name is Renny Braga.  I was born in Iwakuni, Japan, to a Portuguese father and Chinese mother, and grew up on the southernmost Japanese island of Okinawa.  I now live in Tampa, Florida and I want to introduce people to the food that I grew up with on Okinawa.

As a child, I remember being in the kitchen helping my grandmother prepare different dishes for dinner. I would always watch intently and ask questions about her recipes. Whenever I cook those dishes now, I try to reproduce the same wonderful flavors that my grandmother created.  I love to cook, and even more I love to see people enjoy my food.

I’ve always had a dream of opening a restaurant and sharing all the dishes that I love to cook.  A few years ago, my wife read an article about how food trucks were growing in popularity. We thought that would be a great venue for us to carry out our dream.  We’ve been thinking about it ever since and now that dream is becoming a reality.  We officially launched in May 2012 and have been Oki Doki ever since!

Renny’s Oki Doki serves hiyashi chuka soba, a cold noodle dish served with a choice of vegetables and chicken or other protein; harumaki, a crispy spring roll with assorted vegetables and pork; and gyoza, a pork/vegetable dumpling lightly fried and steamed. The house specialty will be soki soba, Okinawan noodles in hot broth topped with pork spareribs.

Check out the Kickstarter page that made this possible!

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