Okinawan Food Truck Serving Tampa Bay

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Last chance for soba today, until Dec 2nd! We are at CraftArt 2014 downtown St Pete, Central Ave and Fifth St....
Sat, November 22nd 06:59am
We will be in St Petersburg all day today for the CraftArt 2014. If you have never been, today is the perfect...
Sat, November 22nd 06:44am
Great event tonight..... we won't be there, however there will be several awesome trucks on site. If you are...
Fri, November 21st 10:57am
Tonight we are at -- Rapp Brewing Company, 10930 Endeavour Way, Seminole, 5:00-10:00 pm. We will be bringing...
Fri, November 21st 07:50am
Today we are hanging out at Triad Retail Media, 100 Carillon Pkwy, 11:00-2:00. If you have not tried our Ma-san...
Wed, November 19th 07:16am
How to Start a Food Truck in Tampa, FL
Tue, November 18th 05:13pm
Ohayo Gozaimasu! Today is definitely the perfect day for soba! (although we think every day is the perfect day...
Tue, November 18th 07:13am
Happy Monday!!! Here is where you can get Oki Doki this week! Tuesday -- Lunch, 11:00-2:00, USF Health, 12901...
Mon, November 17th 09:09am
We would like to thank the United States Marine Corps Reserve station for giving us the opportunity to serve...
Mon, November 17th 07:56am
Thanks to you guys we moved up to 3rd place.... would love to move up 2 more places if we can! Domo Arigato!
Mon, November 17th 07:45am
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